MVP Industrial V-Belts

1409 N. K Ave. Sioux Falls, SD. 57104

1409 N. K Ave

Sioux Falls, SD. 57104




MVP Industrial Power Drive Belts

MVP Industrial is an International importer of quality Power Transmission Drive Belts made in the P.R.C.


Superior Quality Conventional V-Belts Top Widths: 1/2" to 1 1/2"

Lengths: Varied

Custom made sizes available.


Highly Efficient Cogged V-Belts

Top Widths: 3/8" to 1"

Lengths: Varied

Custom made sizes available


Widely Used Worldwide

Top Widths: 10mm to 22mm

Lengths: Vareid

Custom made sizes available

Variable Speed

For a Maximum Range of Speeds Top Widths: Varied

Lengths: Varied

Custom made sizes available

Private Label V-Belts for OEMs and Resellers

Private labeled v-belts for  Resellers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and shortline OEMs. Private labeling is a powerful way to expand revenues. It provides free marketing for your business, aftermarket parts, or service department.

Worldwide Distributors Wanted

MVP Industrial is looking for quality worldwide distributors.  

If you are a customer first company in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, Eastern Europe, or Asia we would love to hear from you. We have many programs available for just about any size of distributor.

Private labeling is available to those who qualify.


Email quote requests to

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